Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I did not run the Beach to Beacon.

I didn't train. At all.

What I did do was: camp, weekended away with friends, vacationed with my family, went to and hosted BBQ's, watched Super Husband sing and play in multiple fantastic shows, hit the beach, watched my girl grow more confident in the water moment by moment, ate dinner and drank wine outside with amazing friends, went to amusement parks, celebrated a dear friend who is having her first baby, attended a wake and a funeral, worked, got N through yet another ear infection (WITH TUBES, ARGH!), stressed that Summer is passing me by at the speed of light and we still haven't gone on a picnic, challenged myself to cook/use ALL the swoon-worthy vegetables we get from our CSA, saw a movie, planned sleepovers with my oldest niece, and tried so very hard to soak up every ray of Summer sun.

And Summer isn't even over yet. Not that you can tell by the dreary sky outside and 55 degree nights and mornings of late. I have confidence we will see a little more of it before September hits.

So no, I didn't run the B2B. But did I fail? No, not really. Sure, I am mildly disappointed that I didn't achieve this particular goal THIS year, but what I did do was pretty outstanding. I made choices. I didn't work out as much as I would have liked, but sometimes (okay, pretty much all the time) rushing to happy hour for an hour to celebrate your BFF's birthday is more important, and more gratifying, than a 3mile run.

Life is a series of choices each day. From what shoes I put on to walk in the rain to work, to what my attitude is going to be about the rain. I chose to sign up for the race, and then chose to spend late Spring, and most of Summer, playing with my family and friends, and supporting the ones who needed it. I'd call that a success.


  1. Love your last paragraph and I would call your summer a fantastic success! Love-Kris

  2. Thanks Kristin! Love and miss you.